Water Ballons Battle – Game 4d @Cinecitta’ World

Direct2Brain has just delivered the new project for the Virtual Interactive Game realized in collaboration with Axed Group for MSC to be set in the MSC Meraviglia Pavillon @Cinecitta’ World.

The official name for the game is Water Ballons Battle and represents a real innovations the the virtual games panorama, involving the player in a 360 degrees experience.

Msc and Axed Group  worked together to conceive a new, immersive experience to bring the players to a new funny and dynamic dimension and Direct2Brain has worked hard in order to deliver all the 3d asset needed for the game.

The players will find them self in a virtual dimension that represents one of the most beautiful setting of the new ship MSC Meraviglia: the AFT POOL.

In this detailed reconstructed set the action will take place and 2 players will be part of a water balloon challenge.


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