Our facility

Direct2Brain offers completed services in the post production area.

Dedicated staff with experience in the field will assist customers by offering the most appropriate solutions from time to time starting from  the management of the materials to the realization of audiovisual products.

Our headquarters in Rome is set up to offer high quality production supervision and is equipped with the best industry technologies :
-2 dedicated conforming and editing rooms with Adobe Premiere
-post production rooms, graphics and vfx crews with state of the art software
-1 render farm
-meeting room and production office

-a new Cinema Room. A highly performing environment designed for 4/5K professional color and professional grading for Cinema and TV.
Scratch is the chosen color grading and finishing software as it guarantees a complete workflow. It also offers a range of professional tools for film, video and digital projects in SD / HD, 2K / 4K and 3D stereo.
It allows us to perform conforming, editing, and color correction in real-time on multiple file types: Raw, RED, Arri Alexa, Phantom, Apple Pro Res etc.
In addition to color correction, we can easily help reduce noise, compression artifacts, and image restoration.

The new 2C / 4K Barco DP2K-P projector also delivers high quality images previewed on a 3.5×3.3 m cinematic screen from Harckness. A professional  support for movie projects, color correction for commercials and a functional tool to work and check dailies everyday.