2018 Volley Women’s world championship promo

We are very happy to present our last work for Direzione Rai Creativa.This animated promo for the 2018 volley Women’s world championship in Japan is a funny mix of Live Action and 2d animation where our team transform into 2d Japan style animated character.

Chief of Promotion/ Executive Cretive Director: Pierluigi Colantoni
Directed by Daniel Marini
Dop: Riccardo Topazio
Art Director D2B: Andrea Cerini
Vfx Supervisor D2B: Gianluca Salerno
D2B Illustrator: Gabriele Costa
2d animation per D2B: Giulio De Toma
Compositor D2B: David Catalano
Editing: Marco Marasca
Colorist: Ercole Cosmi
Executive Producer D2B: Manuela Cacciamani
Producer D2B: Viola Di Sante
Executive Producer Rai: Francesco Baggetta

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