Otzi and the Mystery of Time

Otzi and the Mystery of Time is the new film produced by OneMore Picture with Rai Cinema, to which Direct2Brain has collaborated for more than a year, creating more than 100 shots of Visual Effects.

The D2B team has worked intesely for months alongside the production and director Gabriele Pignotta to bring this incredible story of friendship and adventure to the big screen.

The discovery of the Otzi Mummy is an incredible historical event and the film, thanks also to the skillful use of VFX and Computer Graphics, takes viewers into a magical universe.

During the production numerous digital set extensions, special makeup, dynamic effects and 3d reconstructions of the mummy were made. A specialized team of technicians and artists took turns on the set to assist the crew in the complex shooting days in the high mountains sets and then worked intently for weeks in post-production after the editing was completed.

This summer the movie has conquered the young audience and jury of the Giffoni Film Festival and then it has hit the Theaters on November the 8th! Visit the Movie’s site for bonus materials and additional infos!


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