On April 23th, worldwide day of the book and of the author’s right, #ioleggoperchè turns on the whole Italy with events in the squares, on the trains, in the schools, in univerities, in libraries of the whole national territory. To celebrate the importance of books and read, more than 240.00 books will be given in the italian squares.

On Rai3, at 21.05, the evening event with a presenter of exception, Pierfrancesco Favino,  will be broadcasted. During the event,  the absolute protagonist will be the reading in all of its declinations, from old and modern literature to the reading culture in the contest of modern society wich is day by day richer of books.

Onemore Picture in collaboration with  Direct2Brain had the honour to shoot for the first time with Duccio Forzano, author and director of the event and of many others succefull transmission, such as “Che tempo che fa” and the fourth editions of Sanremo.

The protagonist of the spot is Favino who looks direct to the camera with a contemplative look , he smiles to us in a complicit way and asks :”do you want to listen to a story?”, all this on Samuele Barsani’s notes who remebers that “a story that you don’t know is never by second hand”.


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